EWC is grateful for the financial support provided by:

The Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (Finland)
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society-UK
The Swedish Writers’ Union
The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
ProLitteris (Switzerland)
The Swedish Association for Educational Writers
Sanasto, the Finnish Authors’ Copyright Society 

THE EWC BOARD (2015-2017)


EWC PRESIDENT: Malin Koch (Sweden)

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Malin Koch is a legal counsel of the Swedish Writers' Union (2002).
Her expertise is mainly within Copyright and especially Authors' and
Translators' rights, Contract Negotiations, Dispute Settlement
and Right of Associations.

Other fields of expertise are Cultural politics and Social Security.
She also has experience from a number of board assignments.
She holds a Master's degree in Law from Stockholm University (2001),
with a major in Intellectual Property Law, and European Commercial and
Competition Law.

Her main academic work is her Master Thesis, on the protection of titles
(published in the Institute for Intellectual Property Law and Market Law series (IFIM).
Previous employments involve trade marks for a pharmaceutical company
and financing for a telecom company. 


Gerlinde Schermer-Rauwolf (Germany) - Second Vice-President

Gerlinde Schermer-Rauwolf64kb

Born in the Rhineland-Palatinate, she moved to Munich more than
thirty years ago to study German literature, art history and philosophy.
She also worked there as a freelance editor for different magazines,
in the management of an environmental institute and as an assistant
for the Goethe-Institute. Apart from that she was co-organizer of several
transregional music festivals.
She is a founding member of the Kollektiv Druck-Reif, a team of literary translators
established in 1987 
and has translated numerous works of English fiction and non-fiction
(further details: www.kollektivdruckreif.de)
Beyond that she helped colleagues as a member of the “mediafon”-team,
a helpline organized by the German trade union ver.di for freelancers in the media and arts.
Since 2003 member of the supervisory board of the collecting society VG WORT
and since 2011 of the "Copyright-Expert-Panel" of the "German Council for Culture".
Schermer-Rauwolf was president of the German translators' association “VdÜ”
from 2005 till 2008;
 board member of the German Writers Union “VS” from 2005 till 2015,
and regular board member of the EWC 2013 till 2015.




Regular Board Members:


Tiit Aleksjev (Estonia)

 Tiit A


Tiit Aleksejev, born in 1968, graduated in history from the University of Tartu,
where he also obtained a master’s degree in medieval history.
He is a writer of historical fiction and a dramatist.
He has written about the crusades and about the recent history of Estonia.
He is a member of the board of Estonian Writer’s Union and Estonian Centre PEN International.   


Ružica Cindori (Croatia)


Ružica works as Secretary General of the Croatian Writers’ Association and
lives in Zagreb (Croatia). Worked as a librarian (1985-2009).
She graduated in Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, and
attended postgraduate studies in Library sciences at the same University.
She has published ten poetry collections.
Her poetry has been translated into several languages and published in
many anthologies (in Croatia and abroad).
She also writes articles and essays, and translates poetry.


Janne Rijkers (The Netherlands)  


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Janne Rijkers (1975) studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam."
She specialised in intellectual property law and graduated in 2000. 
She worked as a Trademark attorney for several years - then switched to 
the Writers Guild of the Netherlands (as from January 2017 renamed as
‘De Auteursbond’) dealing with copyright-issues," lobbying and
collective bargaining with publishers on working conditions 
for writers and translators. 
Janne has been working for the Writers Guild
for more than ten years 
and has found that rights of authors are
extremely vulnerable, especially in a digitized environment.

The Dutch Copyright Act has been changed in favour of authors
as per July 2015.The Guild has been very active in achieving this result
and believes that authors in general will benefit.   


 Tittamari Marttinen (Finland)



EWC Secretary-General: Myriam Diocaretz (The Netherlands)



EWC Secretary-General since April 2006.

From 2007-2013 she held Extraordinary Professorship “Socrates Chair in Humanism and the Digital Society”, held at Maastricht University, and at the Tilburg Centre for Cognition and Communication (TiCC), Tilburg University, the Netherlands (2009-2013). Her research combines philosophy and humanistics, including Artificial Intelligence and Future and Emerging Technology, as stated in The Human ( , ) The Digital: Being in the 21st Century”, ISBN: 978-90-78886-99-0; in this field she guest-edited "Rhythms and Robot Relations" with J. van den Herik, a special issue of the International Journal of Social Robotics (Springer 2009).

Selections of her poems (published in Spain and New York/USA) have been translated into English, Croatian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, and Romanian. She is the author, editor, or co-editor of 22 studies, published in The Netherlands (Amsterdam/New York), Spain, France, Italy, and the United States; she has also published over fifty chapters and essays in English, French or Spanish on poetics, translation studies, gender, and dialogical criticism. In 2001-2006 she conducted research and published reports on ICT innovation, e-publishing, e-content, mobile Internet services, rich media authoring tools, uses of the Internet in Higher Education, and broadband  innovation.bAs an academic editor she established five book series in French, English and Spanish respectively, including Critical Studies which she directs since 1989 (Brill/Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York).

Since 2004 she has been selected as Independent Expert by the European Commission in three DGs.  

Studies: PhD.  in Comparative Studies, State University of New York; M.A. Stanford University. 

Previous positions: Senior Researcher, European Centre for Digital Communication/ Infonomics, 2001-2006, Maastricht University; Worldwide Training Manager at WorldCom, Amsterdam; Training Coordinator at Stream International, Amsterdam.  International publishing consultant. Researcher at the Univiersities of Amsterdam, and Utrecht.

Several academic positions and guest lectures at universities in the USA and Europe. Two Fulbright Fellowships. More information: http://www.myriamdiocaretz.net/