Launching of the Civil Society Platform (November 2006)


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24 November 2006, BELvue Museum, Brussels

The initiators of the platform, the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage (EFAH) and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), had introduced the idea on 7th October 2006 at EFAH’s Annual Conference “Islands and Bridges” in Helsinki. EWC-FAEE was among the 26 participants from 20 invited organizations comprising European and transnational cultural networks, European NGOs working in education (including Intercultural and Life-Long Learning), youth, human rights, migration, anti-discrimination, social affairs, migration, and music, and festivals, as civil society fields. The one-day workshop was moderated by Gottfried Wagner, ECF Director and Ilona Kish, EFAH Secretary General.

There was a shared goal to deal with civil society interests at European level, and to explore the potential of working together for intercultural dialogue action and policy. As announced, “The purpose of the platform is to increase the commitment of civil society actors to intercultural dialogue and to sustain enhanced action well beyond 2008.” The platform will be a “stimulator for projects and programmes, rather than a project-initiating body,” (I. Kish) and will work towards a major event during the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

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