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EWC-FAEE invited to participate in the High Level Expert Group on Digital Libraries– Copyright Subgroup (December 2006)

December 2006-January 2007

The HLG on digital libraries has met twice (March and October 2006) under the chairmanship of Ms Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society & Media. The Copyright Subgroup was established to work more specifically on rights holders’ issues, beginning with “orphan works” and “out-of-print works”.

It had been often stated that the HLG experts had been hand-picked to include the different stakeholders within the digitisation & library value chain, and authors were significantly absent. Dr. Myriam Diocaretz, EWC-FAEE Secretary-General, has been invited to participate in the Copyright Subgroup; thus, she will be  representing authors of literary and scientific works in the discussions on the European digital libraries and repositories of cultural and scientific heritage. The European Commission invited M. Diocaretz to the  recent meeting of the Copyright Subgroup on December 19 in Brussels, and she took part in the working session led by Prof. Marco Ricolfi, on January 25-26 2007 in Milan.

We take the opportunity to announce that EWC-FAEE is forming a Working Group on European digitisation and policy issues. We invite members to suggest representatives with interest and expertise for this purpose.

A Copyright Subgroup Interim report was published on 9 November 2006: Link