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XV European Writers’ Congress
Athens, 22 - 24 November 1996


For symbolic reasons, this resolution has been read in Olympia, the place in Antiquity most closely associated with brotherhood and peaceful competition, on November 24, 1996.

The European Writers’ Congress (EWC) favours the creation of a deeper and broader European cooperation devoted to a Europe of its peoples in which it envisages that democracy and freedom of expression should be supported by the preservation and wider dissemination of the literary heritage and current creativity of each country.
The EWC supports accentuation of the cultural dimension of Europe and strengthening of cultural exchange.

• To this end, the EWC believes it to be of major importance that a European Community cultural policy be developed as a supplement to national policies in the field, in close cooperation with writers and artists and their organisations.

• The EWC sees such consultations as a positive step and casino internet believes that the time has come for the formation of an officially recognised but non-governmental consultative body on culture.
The EWC believes that accentuation of the cultural dimension of Europe forms part of the efforts being made in recent years to foster greater citizen participation in the European process, with the ultimate aim of creating a European ”Demos”. Thus the EWC
- supports all measures which reinforce the democratic and representative nature of the European institutions and, in particular, all those measures which help to increase self-determination and public participation in decision making
- calls for the European Union to establish a Bill of Rights which, inter alia, safeguards cultural rights.

• The EWC hereby repeats its call for freedom of expression and against the persecution of writers for the ideological, social or other views conveyed in their works. Writers will continue to oppose all forms of violence and fanaticism which jeopardise human dignity or open debate and the free exchange of views.