EWC is grateful for the financial support provided by:

The Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (Finland)
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society-UK
The Swedish Writers’ Union
The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
ProLitteris (Switzerland)
The Swedish Association for Educational Writers
Sanasto, the Finnish Authors’ Copyright Society 

The Mediterranean Forum of the EWC - MARE NOSTRUM II - LITERARY LINES ACROSS LIVE LANGUAGES (November 2001)


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79 registered screenwriters, playwrights, literary translators and other authors plus experts in the field of authors' rights and European aspects of copyright legislation participated in

celebrated in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on November 15th - 18th, 2001.

They came from 16 countries of Europe (10 belonging to the European Union, 5 candidate / accession countries, 1 other): Greece, France, Spain, Italy, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey and Switzerland.

The duties of organisation were shared between the EWC General Secretariat, based in Munich, Germany and the two EWC member organisations based in Barcelona: Associación Colegial de Escritores de Catalunya (ACEC) and Associació d'Escripors en Llengua Catalana (AELC).
We gratefully acknowledge the financial, moral and non-material support granted by
* the European Commission, DG Education and Culture,
* the Spanish RRO and Collecting Society CEDRO,
* the Government of Catalonia, Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament top rated online casinos de Cultura, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes,
* the City of Barcelona with two different departments: Institut de Cultura and Districte de Ciutat Vella,
* Fundació Caixa Catalunya and
* the cultural institution Espai de Lletres in Barcelona.

Without this extraordinary mixture of support coming from the European, national, regional, and communal level plus the involvement of a major cultural foundation and some representatives of the local cultural sector, slots online it would not have been possible for the very committed members of the EWC community to successfully realise this event.
Following the concept of the preceding MARE NOSTRUM conference (November 1999) with the final DELPHI RESOLUTION, the participants in MARE NOSTRUM II after a thorough General Discussion adopted the BARCELONA APPEAL. This document was widely disseminated throughout Europe in the days immediately after the conference. This BARCELONA APPEAL, unlike previous statements that were discussed and adopted by participants in international conferences organised by the EWC, is dealing with a total of four different and equally important issues, three of which should ideally be no longer dealt with on many national but one European level.

Reports, contributions and evaluations of MARE NOSTRUM I & II have been published by several EWC member organisations for their national audiences in print and electronic format.
The Conference Papers contributed to the Mediterranean Fora "Mare Nostrum I: CROSSING CULTURAL BORDERS" and "Mare Nostrum II: LITERARY LINES ACROSS LIVE LANGUAGES" were published in April 2002 in the EWC series "The European Writer", ISSN 1560-4217.