Myriam Diocaretz

Secretary General

EWC Secretary-General since April 2006.

Myriam is the author, editor, or co-editor of 22 studies, published in The Netherlands (Amsterdam/New York), Spain, France, Italy, and the United States; she has also published numerous scholarly chapters and essays in English, French or Spanish on poetics, translation studies, gender and dialogical criticism. Selections of her poetry (published in Spain and New York/USA) have been translated into English, Croatian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, and Romanian.

She has conducted research and published reports on ICT innovation, e-publishing, e-content, mobile Internet services, rich media authoring tools, uses of the Internet in Higher Education, and broadband innovation (case study: Finland).

In 2007-2013, she held the Extraordinary Professorship “Socrates Chair in Humanism in the Digital Society”, at Maastricht University, and Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her research combines philosophy and humanistics, including Artificial Intelligence and Future and Emerging Technology; in this field she guest-edited “Rhythms and Robot Relations” with J. van den Herik, a special issue of the International Journal of Social Robotics (Springer 2009). As an academic editor she established five book series in French, English and Spanish respectively, including Critical Studies which she directs since 1989 (Brill, Amsterdam/New York).

Studies: PhD. in Comparative Studies, State University of New York at Stony-Brook; M.A. in English Literature, Stanford University. She has lectured at many universities in the USA and Europe. She held two Fulbright Fellowships. More information: www.myriamdiocaretz.net