Posted on October 23, 2019, 3:28 pm
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The political ecosystem of the European Culture

The European Writers’ Council is part of the following networks and coalitions to promote and support authors’ rights and copyright:

Authors’ Group

The Authors’ Group is the primary Europe’s Authors’ network representing more than 500 000 authors, including journalists, film/TV directors, writers, literary translators, composers, songwriters, photographers, and screenwriters in Europe.

Members are

• The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)
• The European Writers’ Council (EWC)
• The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA)
• The Federation of Screenwriters Europe (FSE



IFRRO, the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations, is the main international network of collective management organisations and creators’ and publishers’ associations in the text and image spheres. IFRRO works to protect and enable easy legal access to copyright material.

The European Writers’ Council is a Creators and Publishers Association-Member of IFRRO.

PLR International

Public Lending Right (PLR) is the right of authors and other rightsholders to receive payment for the free public use of their works in libraries. PLR has been in existence since the 1940s. The first country to establish a PLR system was Denmark in 1946, followed by Norway in 1947 and Sweden in 1954.

In every PLR country the use of authors’ works in public libraries forms the bedrock of the system. Additionally, other types of library, such as school and university libraries, may be included.
PLR International (PLRI) brings together countries with PLR systems to facilitate the exchange of best practice. It also provides advice and technical assistance to countries looking to set up PLR systems for the first time.

The European Writers’ Council is part of the PLR International Steering Commitee

The PLR International Steering Committee is represented as follows:

FEP: Anne Bergman (publishers’ association representative)
IPA: Jose Borghino (publishers’ association representative)
EWC: Myriam Diocaretz (authors’ association representative)
IAF: Barbara Hayes (authors’ association representative) Chair
IFRRO: Caroline Morgan (IFRRO representative) Vice Chair and Treasurer
Sanasto: Anne Salomaa (authors’ association representative), Carola Streul (authors’ association representative)
REPROBEL: Kurt Van Damme (IFRRO representative)

PLR International is organised by:
Jim Parker, PLR International Co-ordinator

THE CCFG – Cultural Creators Friendship Group

The Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) is a cross-partisan and supranational coalition in the European Parliament (EP), consisting of currently 27 members from 6 different political groups and 14 different countries. We aim at improving the whole European cultural ecosystem with a focus on the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) – and especially on the situation and conditions of creators of cultural works, e.g. authors, performers and artists.

The CCFG is not an official organ of the European Parliament and therefore does not represent the EP or speak on its behalf. It is an informal cooperation scheme among Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that are interested to forward and promote its principles as enshrined in our CCFG Manifesto.

The idea of the CCFG is to operate as a forum of discussion and cooperation among its members to discuss topics described in the Manifesto and that are of relevance to policies of the European Union, e.g. upcoming files in relevant EP committees, and to act as a forum for interest groups to present their positions or proposals on topics that are relevant to scope of the CCFG.

Interest groups or individuals representing the CCS can officially support the CCFG and participate in our meetings. Essential requirement for supporters is being registered in the transparency register of the EU institutions.

CW! – Creativity Works

Creativity Works! is a leading coalition of organisations, federations and associations representing Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. Our diverse membership includes writers, screenwriters, book publishers and retailers, picture agencies, music publishers, independent music labels, producers, publishers and distributors of film and audiovisual content, cinema operators, broadcasters, sports event organisers, as well as video game developers and publishers.

The EWC (European Writers’ Council) is member at the CW!-coalition.

European Union Prize for Literature: The Consortium

The consortium selected by the European Commission to coordinate the initiative was until 2021 composed by the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF), the European Writers’ Council (EWC) and the Federation of European Publishers (FEP).

These three members were jointly responsible for the setting up of the national juries and the practical organisation of the award ceremony over 13 years together.