EWC Annual General Meeting

EWC Annual General Meeting

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Unusual times require unusual measures. It is part of a new normality that many things are unfamiliar and familiar things are no longer possible. The developments of the pandemic have led to restrictions and precautions, legal regulations and travel complications worldwide. This requires flexibility, creativity and a good portion of pragmatism. We are faced with the challenge of establishing new structures of cooperation and togetherness.

On behalf of the Board and the Secretary-General, I am pleased to inform you today and in due time of the date for this year’s EWC General Annual Assembly:

Monday, September 7, 2020

The meeting will take place online as a Virtual Annual General Assembly in video meeting format.

In accordance with Belgian law and the Royal Decree No.4 from 9 April 2020, registered organisations and federations such as ours are officially authorised to hold mandatory annual General Assemblies by electronic means. These electronic procedures allow various options, including the circulation of documents via e-mail and video-online conferences.

In accordance with the decree, the Board and Secretary-General have taken care to ensure that all other conditions with regard to legality and technical requirements can be met, including the right to vote and to speak, to bring in motions, discuss and deliberate; further documentation, secure access, delegate registration, the assignment of proxies and attendance opportunities for more than one delegate per organisation. We will keep the alternative date of 8.9.2020 for the AGM in case there is any technical impediment to hold the event on 7 September 2020, so please save also this date.

We will also prepare precise instructions on the procedures which are needed beforehand, so that we can organise a meeting as effectively, user-friendly and personal as possible. We will also familiarise you with all the technical details to ensure that all member organisations have the opportunity to participate and to get involved.

Nina George – President

The EWC AGM 2020 was succesfully held online