Belarus: the female face of the revolution – online panel discussion

BELARUS: The Female Face of the Revolution: online discussion, lead by EWC President Nina George

“BELARUS: The Female Face of the Revolution” is the catchy title of a book about the revolution in Belarus, but it is also a clear description of the revolution. Almost all the pictures you see about the revolution show mostly women. They have been carrying the revolution for months now, demonstrating resolutely against Europe’s last dictatorship.

Marina Naprushkina draws a voice with her essay “Who if not us. When, if not now”, Marina Naprushkina paints a picture of the mood in the country that wants to get rid of its dictator. After the reading, Beate Apelt, project manager of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – Ukraine and Belarus, moderated by Nina George, President of the European Writers’ Council, will discuss with her.

Watch the recorded video of the discussion, moderated by EWC President Nina George: