CONFERENCE Day of European Authors

Leuven (Belgium)

Day of European Authors: The Conference

The European Commission organises a conference on reading promotion, gathering representatives from the ministries of culture and education from all 40 Creative Europe countries, along with key figures from the book and education sector including the EWC (Ms Nicole Pfister Fetz, Secretary General, and Dr Miguel Àngel Serrano, President), and organisations committed to promoting reading.

The theme of this conference will be about the European dimension of reading promotion. This theme has been chosen to emphasize the importance of engaging young people in the development and implementation of reading promotion initiatives, in addition to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between different countries and develop new ideas for future actions.

In 2024, the EWC co-coordinates again the tour of authors on the occasion of the second edition of the Day of European Authors on 25 March, featuring 120 European authors who are meeting with young readers in all 40 Creative Europe countries.

Conference Day of European Authors


Monday - Tuesday 25 - 26 March 2024


All Day