Brussels, May 17, 2018

The European Writers’ Council wrote a message of support of the compromise amendment concerning Article 12 and Recital 36 proposed by Sanasto, the Finnish Literary Copyright Society on 16/5/2018, of the draft Directive on Copyright.

The letter was sent to all JURI MEPs, members of the Legal Affairs Committee.

We highlight the key elements proposed by Sanasto; namely, in article 12 the addition of the cut-off date: “provided that such provision was in existence in the Member State on November 12, 2015”; and limiting the scope of the fair compensation for uses “under private copying and reprography schemes”.

Finally, in recital 36, we underlined the proposed Sanasto amendment that should be introduced as follows: “This provision is without prejudice to the arrangements in the Member States concerning the management of rights not based on exceptions or limitations to copyright (such as extended collective licensing schemes) and remuneration rights (such as public lending right remunerations in some Member States) on the basis of national law.”