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Analysis: The success of Generative AI in the book sector is based on theft

Generative, analytical and assistive informatics, sub-areas of so-called artificial “intelligence”, threatens numerous jobs and fields of labour in the book sector and will replace some professions by machines in the medium run; be it in the areas of writing, editing, proof reading, production, cover design, illustration, translation, selection and editing of original and translated…

European Writers’ Council (EWC)

Doing the Rights thing since 1977

The European Writers’ Council (EWC) – Fédération des Associations Européennes d’Ecrivains (FAEE) AISBL is the only federation speaking on behalf of the professional interests and needs of European writers in the text and book sector in all genres, and the European knowledge and best practices exchange platform for them to cooperate with each other. Our network is also international, and our members work in partnership with colleagues from different parts of the world, as the need arises.

The EWC – European Writers’ Council ® is a non-profit non-governmental federation constituted by currently 49 national professional writers’ and literary translators’ associations and unions in 31 European countries, from European Union Member States, the EEA countries Iceland and Norway, as well as Belarus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. EWC members comprise over 220.000 professional authors in the text and book sector, writing and publishing altogether in 34 languages.

Our mission comprises three main objectives/domains within the European context: Authors’ Rights, including Copyright and related rights, Culture Policy and Cultural Exchange

DOING THE RIGHTS THING implies an ample view of the issues affecting writers and translators:
  • Authors’ Rights, Copyright, and other forms of economic rights and remuneration.
  • Moral rights of authors and the defence of the ethical, political and intellectual identity of these professionals.
  • The broad view of freedom of speech, religion and thought is a sublimation of these general rights for writers when it comes to the rights of citizens and people.

The EWC board is elected every two years and is composed of seven members maximum, within an inclusive diversity of gender, country of origin, etc.

On 4th of June 2023, the General Assembly elected a new Board:

Miguel Ángel Serrano: President (Vice President 2021-2023)
Maïa Bensimon: First Vice President (re-elected, Vice President 2021-2023)
Eystein Hanssen: Second Vice President (re-elected, Board Member 2021-2023)
Members of Board: Alena Makouskaya (re-elected, Board Member since 2019), Monika Pfundmeier, Paula Havaste, and Arno Jundze.
Secretary General: Nicole Pfister Fetz.
Coordinator of the EWC: Zsuzsánna Dóczy.
Commissioner for Political Affairs: Nina George
Outgoing President Nina George (2019-2023) was appointed as the first official President of Honor of the European Writers’ Council.

EWC – European Writers’ Council ® is a registered European Union Trade Mark, Nr. 018810808