EWC welcomes Όμιλος Λογοτεχνίας και Κριτικής (Literature and Criticism Association) as new member


Posted on October 12, 2020, 10:00 am
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“For the Literature and Criticism Association Cyprus the engagement in the European Writers’ Council is particularly relevant because now, we have a european voice”. Read more about the new member:

For the Literature  and Criticism Association Cyprus the engagement in the European Writers’ Council is particularly relevant because now, we have a european voice”, says the President of LCA, the poet and novelist Leonidas Galazis. “Our intention is to know more about the literature of all of European countries. On the other hand we aim to promote our literature by the means of translations and other events, giving chances to the Cypriot writers to meet their colleagues from all other European countries and share their experiences”, Galazis stressed the importance for the engagement of LCA Cyprus.

Όμιλος Λογοτεχνίας και Κριτικής – Literature and Criticism Association

The Literature and Criticism Association (LCA) was founded in 2019 in Nicosia Cyprus in order to represent writers and critics who are not affiliated with the other literary associations in our country, and especially to provide opportunities to young writers to develop their talent.

The founding Assembly of LCA has been held on the 16th January 2019. LCA is a non profit association of writers, critics, scholars, theoreticians, literary translators and scholarly editors.

The Literature and Criticism Association aims to:

(a) Promote and enhance literary creation, literary criticism, the study of Cypriot, Modern Greek and world literature.

(b) Encourage reading in all ages.

(c) Promote the educational role of literature, its human, cognitive and social value, and its importance concerning critique awareness.

(d) Promote the literary translation of Cypriot literature in foreign languages and the translation of world literature in Greek language.

(e) Promote the productive exchange of experience and cooperation among the members of the association and the members of the other counterpart associations in Cyprus and abroad.

(f) Promote research on Cypriot literature and its relations with Modern Greek and world literature.

To achieve our objectives we use the following means;

(a) Events (book presentations, workshops, conferences, festivals, exhibitions). In September 2020 we organized a conference on the subject “Cavafy and Cyprus”. Another project we organizing in 2020 is a series of lectures on the subject “The poetry of invasion generation in Cyprus”.

(b) Publication of anthologies, studies, translations, workshops and conferences.

(c) Publications of members’ projects on the association’s website and on social media.

(d) Cooperation, in the cultural field, with educational institutions, organizations, local administration and other institutions.

(e) Application about European or other international programs to enhance literary activities.

(f) Linkage and cooperation with federations or international literary associations, provided that the independence of the association is maintained.

(g) Establishment of working groups for the study of the problems of the association’s members or any other issues considered necessary by the Board.

Our Association has now 73 members and we expect this number to increase significantly soon. As LCA is a non profit association, we depend on sponsorships from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth and from other institutions and organizations.

The LCA currently cooperates with Hellenic – Cypriot Cultural Association (HCCA), in order to promote cultural exchanges between Cypriot and Greek writers. We also aim to promote similar exchanges in European Union countries.

email: olk@olk.com.cy 
Website: https://olk.com.cy

Five new members were welcomed by the Assembly of the European Writers’ Council:

The European Writers’ Council is delighted to announce the ratification of five new members and welcomed the colleagues warmly by the Assembly on 7 September 2020:

The Society of Hungarian Authors Szépírók Társasága, Hungary
—The Literature and Criticism Association (LCA), Cyprus
The Norwegian Society of Authors – Forfatterforbundet, Norway
—La Société des Gens de Lettres, France
The Syndikat, The Association of German Language Crime Writers, Germany

The EWC continues to expand its diversity, competence, collegiality and cohesion through this strong enrichment of its new members and colleagues. The European Writers’ Council represents now 160,000 professional writers and translators in the book and text sector in all genres, from 46 European national organisations of professional writers and translators in 30 countries including the EU, the EEA countries Iceland and Norway, as well as Belarus, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Turkey, altogether writing in 32 languages.