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The Creators’ Forum JOINT STATEMENT on the EU (DG Internal Market) conference EUROPEAN COPYRIGHT REVISITED

From 16th-18th June 2002 the Commission of the European Union (DG Internal Market) in conjunction with the Spanish Presidency invited approximately 250 people representing European authors and producers of music, images, film, literature and journalism to a conference in Santiago de Compostela under the title of „European Copyright Revisited“. After more than ten years of harmonising copyright the Commission felt it was time for a review of what has been achieved.

The majority of the participants congratulated the Commission stating they have done a good job.

The assembly also encouraged the Commission to update and integrate the seven existing directives and to be prepared to harmonise moral rights at the highest possible level as well as to study alternative models of introducing authors’ contract law into the acquis communautaire.
It also stressed that collective administration of rights will maintain its crucial role in the interests of authors and users in the era of digital rights management.

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Santiago de Compostela
June 19th, 2002