Authors’ Rights, freedom of speech, and cooperation across borders: The writers and translators of the European book sector stand together for a sustainable future and the diversity of books.

62 delegates and representatives of 34v EWC member organisations from 23 countries participated in the three-days Congress-days (2-4 June 2023) and General Assembly of the European Writers’ Council in Berlin/Germany.

On 4th of June 2023, the General Assembly elected a new Board for the term 2023-2025:

Miguel Ángel Serrano: President (Vice President 2021-2023)
Maïa Bensimon: First Vice President (re-elected)
Eystein Hanssen: Second Vice President (re-elected, Board Member 2021-2023)
Members of Board: Alena Makouskaya (re-elected, Board Member since 2019), Monika Pfundmeier, Paula Havaste, Arno Jundze.
Future Secretary General: Nicole Pfister Fetz.
Coordinator of the EWC: Zsuzsánna Dóczy.
Outgoing President Nina George (2019-2023) was appointed as the first President of Honor of the European Writers’ Council, and as official Commissioner for Political Affairs.
Five new members were ratified to the European Writers’ Council:
–– Authors’ Association Austria / IG Autorinnen Autoren, Austria
–– Association of Writers of Macedonia / Друштво на писателите на Македонија
–– National Union Of Authors / SNAC, France
–– Danish Authors of Fiction and Poetry / Danske Skønlitterære Forfattere, Denmark
––La Scam, France
The EWC consists now of 49 organisations from 33 countries in the EU and EEA area, including Iceland, Norway, Montenegro, Macedonia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, representing over 220.000 writers of all genres, and is the largest federation worldwide, solely representing writers from the book sector.
Miguel Ángel Serrano
Poet, Writer, Consultant | Spain


Zsuzsánna Dóczy
Coordinator, EWC Secretariat

Please contact Mrs. Dóczy for all requests to the EWC.

Eystein Hanssen
Eystein Hanssen
Writer | Norway

Vice President

Alena Makouskaya
Alena Makouskaya
Human Rights Activist | Belarus

Board Member

Maïa Bensimon
Maïa Bensimon
General Counsel | France

Vice President

Nina George
Nina George
Novelist, Journalist | Germany

President of Honor, Commissioner for Political Affairs