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How to join the EWC Campaign #behindeverybook on 23 April, World Book Day 2022 

 Brussels, 7 April 2022

Dear Writer, Dear Translator, Dear Illustrator:

Behind every book is a writer, a translator, a life.Make it visible on WorldBookDay2022!

Behind every book is a writer, a translator, an illustrator – a whole life. To celebrate us, the sources of the entire book value chain, the spirits of of knowledge, of cultural exchange, of democracy, free words and empathy, of understanding and mediation, we invite you and all your members to join now in the third year the original EWC campaign:


on World Book Day, 23 April 2022

#behindeverybook is the Author: Let’s create again a worldwide solidarity movement for and with writers and translators in 2022. Join the celebration and read how to:

Read more about the 2021-impact of #behindeverybook

Read more about the 2020-impact of #behindeverybook

#behindeverybook is the Author: Let’s create again a worldwide solidarity movement for and with writers, illustrators and translators in 2022.

Join the celebration and read how to:


  • Take two pictures of yourself with your written, illustrated or translated book. All kinds of genres of books are welcome – novels, comics, translations, memoirs, non-fiction, plays, poetry, short stories, picture books …. The first picture is with the open book with your name in front of your face, and the second with your face visible. Our model, Mr Jens J. Kramer, Chair of SYNDIKAT – German Language Crime Writers’ Association – presented his version already in 2020:
  • Post the two pics together on World Book Day 2022 (23 April) on every account you have – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …
  • IMPORTANT: use these two #hashtags: #behindeverybook and #worldbookday2022
  • YES, YOU CAN: also translate #behindeverybook into your language, like #hinterjedembuch
  • HOW WE FIND YOU: tag the European Writers’ Council (Twitter: @CouncilWriters, Facebook: AND your own Union / Writers’ Association, so we and them can share your post!
  • Feel free to complete the sentence in English after #behindeverybook and add, for example:
    • is the author
    • is a person
    • is a translator
    • in an illustrator
    • is a whole life
    • … is anything you want to say!

… and feel free to share this invitation and the link also before 23 April 2022 on your account, to let writers, illustrators and translators know how to join:

Please encourage your members or your writing, illustrating and translating friends to join and let’s rock the (online) world with pictures of books and their writers, illustrators and translators on World Book Day 2022. Share this link with your members and friends:

 Stay safe – and keep on writing. With warm greetings:

Nina George, President

Myriam Diocaretz, Secretary-General

… and the whole EWC Board!


Flashback: #behindeverybook in 2021

  • + 2000 Facebook posts from writers, translators, illustrators …;
  • commented, retweeted and reposted by the European Writers’ Council, by fans, by EWC Member organisations, and readers;
  • 1990 Instagram-posts can be found here:
  • the profile of European Writers’ Council reached 18.4K impressions on Twitter;
  • we spotted writers, translators and illustrators from Australia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands…
  • most popular backgrounds: book shelf, brick wall, trees;
  • most popular animal companions: cats, dogs, dragons;
  • most frequently used terms after #behindeverybook is (besides the term author, translator, illustrator): work, passion, doubts, hopes, lifeblood, soul.

Flashback: #behindeverybook in 2020

EWC campaign 2020: #behindeverybook


the idea

Many debates on the policy level are about « sectors » or « the book industry » – but those with whom the book chain begins are individuals, people, personalities. To praise and celebrate these authors, writers, illustrators and translators, to make the spirits, minds and faces behind every book visible, is the basic idea of #behindeverybook.

the background

The annual UNESCO event World Book Day is the original idea of the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes, who died on 23 April.

On this day we praise the living authors, who enrich every society with their work and contribute to diversity, democracy and humanitarian education in all areas, with all genres.