Creative Europe Programme: Support to Literary Translation projects


Posted on March 05, 2020, 11:30 am
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Now open: Call for proposals (5. March – 5. May 2020) – support to Literary Translation projects

Support for literary translation projects is regularly enhanced, building on feedback from Member States, publishers and the book sector as well as on the experience of the first five years of implementation. The main objectives of the action are to support cultural and linguistic diversity, to strengthen the transnational circulation of literature and to provide readers with better access to quality literature from languages other than their own. Within these main objectives, the action strives to encourage translations of literature from lesser-used languages, translations of literature of less represented genres and has proved a valuable tool for promoting winners of the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL). In 2020, support is provided for 2-year projects with a defined and sound editorial strategy, proposing translation, publication and promotion of ‘packages’ of 3 to 10 literary works.

Background: The Creative Europe Programme

With a total budget of 1.46 billion EUR, “Creative Europe” brings together actions supporting the European cultural and creative sectors for the period 2014-2020.

The Programme has two general policy objectives: safeguard and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and Europe’s cultural heritage and strengthen the competitiveness of the European cultural and creative sectors. This is pursued through specific objectives, namely: supporting the capacity of these sectors to operate transnationally; promoting the transnational circulation and mobility of cultural and creative works and artists to reach out new audiences; strengthening the financial capacity of cultural and creative SMEs and organisations; and supporting transnational policy cooperation to foster policy development, innovation, creativity, audience development and new business models. It consists of two Sub-programmes – the MEDIA sub-programme supporting the audiovisual sector and the Culture sub-programme supporting the cultural and creative stakeholders other than audiovisual – and a Cross-sectoral strand supporting cross-sectoral activities, the Guarantee Facility, and the Creative Europe Desks.

The general and specific objectives of the Programme take into account the double – societal and economic – contribution of cultural and creative sectors. The cultural and creative sectors occupy a significant part in the digital economy and the EU economy at large (up to 4, 5% of EU GDP) and are providers of quality jobs (8 million jobs), especially for young people. At the same time, through the content they produce and the audiences they attract, cultural and creative sectors are vectors of diversity; they have a positive influence on social inclusion and help promote European values within the EU and beyond EU borders.


Planned opening date:  05 March 2020

Deadline: 05 May 2020 17:00:00 (Brussels time)



Objectives — Themes & priorities — Activities that can be funded — Expected impact


Supporting cultural and linguistic diversity in the EU and in countries participating in the Culture Sub-programme

Strengthening the transnational circulation and diversity of European[[ Includes EU countries and other countries participating in the Culture Sub-programme (see section 5);]] literary works in the long term

Improving access to European literary works in Europe and beyond and reach new audiences.


– Supporting promotion of European translated literature

– Encouraging translations from lesser used languages into English, German, French and Spanish (Castilian) as these contribute to a wider circulation of the works

– Encouraging translations of less represented genres such as works for young public (children, adolescents and young adults), comics/graphic novels, short stories or poetry

– Encouraging the appropriate use of digital technologies in both the distribution and promotion of the works

– Encouraging the translation and promotion of books which have won the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL)

– Increasing the visibility of translators (In this regard, publishers will be required to include a biography of the translator(s) in each translated book)



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