EWC welcomes The Czech Writers’ Association as new member


Posted on September 30, 2019, 6:53 pm
17 secs

The European Writers’ Council is delighted to announce that our Annual General Assembly ratified unanimously Asociace spisovatelů, The Czech Writers’ Association, on Sunday 2 June in Riga, Latvia.The association was presented by Mr. Ondrej Lipár, Chairman, at the assembly.


“The Czech Writers Association joins together both poets and prose writers. The organisation was founded in 2015 by Czech writers who lacked a functional platform that would advocate living literature’s interests in the Czech Republic.The Association promotes a professional approach to authorship and sees to its prestige. It aims to formulate professional concerns with respect to state institutions and private entrepreneurs. In regard to publishers and other organisers of literary life, the Association seeks “fair-trade” conditions for authors, provides them with information and legal advice, and also serves as a place to share their professional experience.”
Brussels, 03. June 2019