Joint Statements from The Authors’ Group on Recitals 40-43, and Chapter 3, Articles 14-16


Posted on May 17, 2018, 1:31 pm
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May 17, 2018.

The Authors’ Group is constituted by the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance; the European Federation of Journalists; the European Writers’ Council; the Federation of European Film Directors; and the Federation of Screenwriters Europe.

Altogether, the Authors’ Group represents more than half a million writers, composers, journalists, film directors, screenwriters and songwriters in Europe.

The AGs main achievement in the Copyright Directive is the inclusion of Chapter 3, “Fair remuneration in contracts of authors and performers”, including Article 14 Transparency obligation, Article 15 Contract adjustment mechanism, and Article 16 Dispute resolution mechanism, with the corresponding recitals 40-43.

These three articles have become known as “the transparency triangle”, as the AG called them initially to show the importance of the balance, coherence, and interrelation of the three together. These articles have gone through some changes but the chapter as such remained unchallenged.

The focus of the AGs joint activities in 2018 was exclusively Chapter 3, articles 14-16 and their corresponding recitals.