Writers in the time of Corona: the DW Books Interviews


Posted on April 27, 2020, 7:00 pm
3 mins

EWC President Nina George and Bel Olid, President of the Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana, on the situation for writers in Europe during Pandemic

The measures against COVID-19 affects all. in the midst of the greatest rupture in world society and a fundamental challenge for the cultural landscape, Deutsche Welle TV – Books video-called authors around the world to find out, how they experience the pandemic.

Spain currently has the most confirmed coronavirus infections in Europe – and also some of the tightest restrictions, including barring all children from going outside for any reason. Multi-awarded writer Bel Olid is experiencing the crisis together with her family in their house close to Barcelona.

Link to the interview with Catalan Writer Bel Olid on You Tube – DW Books

Interview with Bel Olid in the El Pais: The President of Catalan-speaking authors explains that “publishers do not want to talk to us” and that the crisis will affect authors for at least two years.



In Germany, the number of people infected with corona is still high – and the economic consequences of the lockdown are scaring many people. The President of the European Writers’ Council, German bestselling author Nina George, is worried about the existence of many writers – and has a suggestion on how to help.

Link to the Interview with German Writer Nina George on You Tube – DW Books

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Interview with Nina George, President of the European Writers’ Council, in the Buchmarkt: “We not only have the traditional battle with our publishers on who gets what from the book cake and why we actually get so little as the sources of the book value chain. But together with the publishers, we also have common positions to defend when it comes to use in the educational sector or with regard to digital information monopolies, organized paid piracy or whether artificial intelligence should be allowed to train for free on our services in order to finally generate guaranteed author-free texts one day.”


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