Success stories, or projects that have had exceptional results in terms of policy relevance, communication potential, impact or design, are highlighted on the platform. They have been selected from a wider pool of good practice examples, or well-managed projects. 

It contains descriptions of all projects funded under the Creative Europe – Culture sub-programme and some of the projects financed under the Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-programme, including contact information for the organisations involved. It also contains results for projects that have ended, including links to websites.

Here you can find a list of projects funded by the European Commission  under the Creative Europe and its predecessors programmes in the field of culture and media:

Download the full booklet (118 pages, 646 KB)

Creative Europe and the 2019-2024 Priorities

The Creative Europe programme has aligned its support to the cultural and creative sectors with the six political priorities of the European Commission, as outlined below. By scrolling down and clicking on these priorities (see link below), you can discover how projects funded under the Creative Europe programme are helping to make Europe a more prosperous, fairer and greener continent for generations to come. 

The project stories illustrated here show how, with EUR1.46 billion of available budget, Creative Europe is enabling artists from all disciplines to find innovative ways to reach new audiences, get training, translate their work, develop scripts, make films, and value their cultural heritage, while putting political priorities centre-stage.

Creative Europe and Former Programmes Projects Overview

Here you can find an overview of projects funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme and its predecessor programmes. You can download the following Excel files, so that you can apply your own filtering and sorting.