Posted on July 01, 2019, 5:48 pm
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Writers’ median income for writing fiction in Finland is EUR 2,000 a year. Various grants account for a significant share of writers’ incomes – grants and other income related to the writing profession raise the median income for writers to EUR 9,745 a year.

Book sales are the sole income for very few writers, as the market for Finnish-language literature is so small. Even selling 3,000 books is a great achievement in Finland. For a writer, this translates to about EUR 9,000 in income for 1-2 years’ work.

For 75% of writers, grants are a significant source of income. A writer’s average grant is EUR 8,500 a year. Grants are provided by the public sector and various foundations and funds.
Compared to other Nordic countries, funding via artistic grants is at a low level in Finland.

Finnish Writers’ Union

Helsinki, 1. July 2019