EWC welcomes The Society of Hungarian Authors – Szépírók Társasága as new member


Posted on September 30, 2020, 10:50 am
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Thirty-eight delegates and representatives of EWC organisations from twenty-one countries participated in the three-hour video meeting, the first virtual Annual General assembly in the history of the European Writers’ Council. Five new members were welcomed.

“In the current domestic cultural-political climate building fruitful international relationships is not just an opportunity but a necessity to our organisation”, says Endre Szkarosi, President of the The Society of Hungarian Authors – Szépírók Társasága.

“Renewing our membership in the EWC is the next and most important step in our networking  strategy in the field of European literature. The Society of Hungarian Writers will be an active member of EWC and a good team-player among the other members”, concludes Szkarosi.

“Our literatures become stronger in cooperation”, adds Ferenc Czinki, the Vice President of the Society of Hungarian Authors.

Society of Hungarian Authors – SZÉPÍRÓK TÁRSASÁGA

The Society of Hungarian Authors is a professional, interest protection and service provision organisation that has been founded by writers who respect the works of and are spiritually close to each other.

The Society was established in 1997 to promote contemporary literature and democratic cultural policies. Its more than 400 members include some of the internationally most acclaimed Hungarian writers as well as cultural journalists and cultural managers from across Hungary, and also writers and critics of the Hungarian minorities and diasporas, along with international translators and scholars of Hungarian literature.

It organizes readings, conferences, festivals and other cultural events within and beyond the borders of Hungary. It has collaborated with a long list of Hungarian and international organizations.

Its various programmes include:

SILO – Socially Inclusive Literature Operation – a Creative Europe programme

The Afterlife of Books – Readings, talks and discussions of recent books.

Contemporary Literature in Schools – A programme for schools to invites writers to literary classes

The annual Festival & Award –Since 2004 each year Szépírók Társasága has organised a two day event of readings, talks, debates, exhibitions, screenings, and music focusing on a single topic. Previous topics included Transition and Translation; Crisis, Poverty and Solidarity; Children and Youth Literature; Neighbourhood and Freedom; Minority Perspectives; Women in Literature.

Szépírók World Literature – festivals (Baltic Poetry), translation workshops (European Writers ws.), Dunafeszt


Five new members were welcomed by the Assembly of the European Writers’ Council:

The European Writers’ Council is delighted to announce the ratification of five new members and welcomed the colleagues warmly by the Assembly:

The Society of Hungarian Authors Szépírók Társasága, Hungary
The Literature and Criticism Association (LCA), Cyprus
The Norwegian Society of Authors – Forfatterforbundet, Norway
—La Société des Gens de Lettres, France
The Syndikat, The Association of German Language Crime Writers, Germany

The EWC continues to expand its diversity, competence, collegiality and cohesion through this strong enrichment of its new members and colleagues. The European Writers’ Council represents now 160,000 professional writers and translators in the book and text sector in all genres, from 46 European national organisations of professional writers and translators in 30 countries including the EU, the EEA countries Iceland and Norway, as well as Belarus, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Turkey, altogether writing in 32 languages.

Brussels, 07 September 2020